Ideally, we all hate the fact that search engines collect information about us, and we cannot escape it while using big search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. They are very useful when it comes to search results and provide solutions to almost every problem, yet they collect some sensitive information too without the approval of the user and can be referred to as data collection factories having no regard for someone’s privacy. They not only keep track of your IP address but also log your search terms, where you clocked, and how many times you did search for something and much more with the help of cookies. These search engines deposit a cookie in your browser’s cookie folder that gives a unique identity to your computer and tracks your activity accordingly.

The filter bubble

What if there is a way that you could avoid all of this and avoid the betrayal by these search engines. Yes, now you can use private search engines to avoid getting tracked, keep your information safe, and prevent advertising on the basis of what you search. The most important benefit of using these private search engines is that they do not track you and avoid the filter bubble effect. Most of the public search engines work on the basis of your past searches and then show ads based on your interests. This results in receiving search returns that agree with your point of view and lock you into an effect known as a filter bubble. During the filter bubble, one cannot find alternative viewpoints and opinions because all other search results are downgraded accordingly. This harms you in many ways as it prevents you from seeing the bigger picture and can be quite hazardous because it doesn’t show you the multiplicity of human input.

Best private search engines


This search engine vows that it will not track you. Even its CEO claims that, if the FBI went to them, they wouldn’t have anything to tie back to you. Searches are mainly offered via Yahoo.


It is a versatile search engine with public and self-hosting choices. Its self-hosting choice is still unrivaled in privacy. It is not known by many in the private browsing arena but is gaining the attention of the general public really fast. It stands tall among the long list of browsers because it is open-source and is very easy to set up too.

Disconnect Search

It caters to every human’s digital and security needs, either you are in need of a VPN or extensions. Although the company has made a name for itself due to its open-source privacy and security-oriented browsing extensions, it also markets a Premium VPN and online security app, which provides an additional layer of security.


Now, you have the option to make your searches private by using MyPrivateSearch. The features of this search engine are extraordinary, as it provides ease of access and gets the job done in a matter of seconds. It is much safer to use and doesn’t allow webpages to track your activity through cookies. One can try searching by using Google or Bing and can maximize the experience. Due to its sleek and clean design, more and more people are switching to it.

Using any of the above-mentioned search engines will not only improve your search experience but will also not mold things according to your desires. These search engines will always stay true to their motto, and will also protect your searches from government surveillance. Every one of these engines is tried and tested by me and allowed me to have a better and secure search experience.